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Hey Tax Pros!

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Apr 5, 2019

Whenever I decided to go out on my own, I will not lie to you... I had no idea where to even begin.  I spent the first 8 years of career working for various CPA firms in the Houston, TX area learning all things accounting and taxes and gained some valuable technical expertise.  While some of these companies had good systems and processes in place, there were some that did not.  This allowed me to see several different ways of how firms were run and gave me a good sense of what I wanted to do when if/when I decided to go out on my own.  Then one day I decided to take a chance on myself and said, “screw it” and went out on my own.  I will tell you that was the happiest/scariest days of my life.  My original plan was to go out on my own and study for my CPA exam.  Well here we are almost two years later, and my business is up and running and I am finally dedicated to passing the CPA exam.